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The Versatile Hybrid Bike

The Time-Tested Bike

Bikes have been around for a long time. At one time they were even the mainstay of transportation here in America and still are in many countries to this day. Of course the invention of the car changed this and soon bikes were relegated to being something only children rode. The moment you were old enough to drive, your bike was left in the shed, along with roller skates and other tools of childhood. But with our awareness of the auto's impact on the planet this has all begun to change. Bikes are back, and better than ever.

Practical and Versatile

Variety of Bikes

At one time, you had just the basic bike. But today we have embraced dozens of bike types from the early racing bikes to touring bikes and now the hybrid bike and even an electric tricycle for ease of riding. There is a bike for every kind of rider. As more and more young people bikes them to commute to work, urban bikes have begun to take hold. No matter what you want a bike for, there is a bike made to do exactly what you need.

Work or Pleasure

Initially, a traditional bike was simply a basic ride. It got you from point A to B in a reasonable amount of time. But as we embraced more leisure-time activities, it became something that you could ride just for fun. You could take a friend on a ride in the country or maybe explore a new area by bike. Racing bikes added to the thrill and beach cruisers made the beach fun again.

Return to Basics

The cool thing about these new hybrid bikes is that they allow you to enjoy your bike in many different ways. It doesn't matter if you commute to work or school on a bike or simply use it only on the weekends for fun exploration rides outside of town. It has everything you need, including a rugged frame to take what you dish out and comfortable seats for those extra-long rides.

Get Ready to Ride

So after exploring all the many bikes available, it can often lead a rider to one conclusion: That regardless of what he or she wants out of their bike, a hybrid can give them the ride they crave. Ride on, my friend, ride on!

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